Thursday, 1 October 2009

Breaking in

I moved to Manchester about 4 weeks ago, and I was just thinking about how when you move somewhere new, that isn't for uni, its quite a strange and exciting thing. I am starting from scratch, apart from my house mates, who consist of my partner, and two good friends I knew from a work based community, back where I went to uni.

I found myself getting 'tasters' of different communities since I have been here, dipping in and out of small social circles through one of my house mates. I took part in a meeting tonight which was about organising a big arts festival, and offered my experience towards it, now does that mean, since I am offering to contribute, that I have become part of that community. I worked for a temp agency last night, and worked with people I had never met before, who, by the end of the shift, became friends.

I don't feel that I am part of any social group as it were, but maybe all I need to do is to keep dipping in and out of different groups, and see where I fit in the best.

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