Saturday, 27 June 2009

I need a blooming job I tell you!

I found my dream job the other day, it's for a 'Creative Learning Practitioner' in a theatre in Lancaster, now unfortunatley thats too far from where I will be living, but it sounds awesome! You get to create and run workshops, do things within the community, and direct shows for the youth theatre! How good does that sound?! Unfortunatley they want someone with 'experience', but I don't have that much, but how are you meant to gain experience, when every single job you want, wants you to be experienced! arrrggg! It's a vicious circle. Also, there are millions of voluntary jobs available, but I need to be paid for it! Volunteering, unfortunatley, isn't really an option any more. So, if anyone hears of anything, like the job I described above, let me know!

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