Sunday, 28 December 2008


Was just thinking about how a community forms at Christmas, certainly in my family anyway. For one day a year this community meets, eats and opens presents together, has a sing along or a very long game of pictionary, and then splits up at the end of the day, all to their separate homes. It's funny, because although we only meet for one day a year, we still have the same (ish) routine. Meet, eat, presents, general chitter chatter, pictures and games. This community that thrives on one day, it never changes, it's never awkward or boring but it's there, it happens, and then it disperses as quick as it started?

What is everyone elses opinion on this, is it the same in your families? Or do you think I am chatting a load of rubbish?

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CAROLINA said...

I agree with you. I also think it is easy to fall into a post christmas depression. We have so much work for that day to be perfect, and there is a huge build up to it, and then it ends very quickly. All we can do is wait for a year to live it again.