Thursday, 18 December 2008

The big one!

I am very exited about our meeting today in community theatre and can't wait to get started. I think that the possibilities are endless in creating theatre with people from all sorts of back grounds and abilities, especially after watching exodus last week, it makes me think that anything can happen! I like the idea of integrating children with learning difficulties with 'average' children children, creating multi-sensory environments and completely different worlds and wacky characters and things to touch and to play with! I liked what Danielle was saying about dreams and nightmares and teaching children and their parents to deal with it and begin to think about more positive things that might be lurking in the closet.

I am exited at the prospect of being on a creative team and working collaboratively to create a piece of work that could be amazing! I think perhaps people should look at lots of different childrens (or adults) theatre company's to start getting some ideas about what we could do! Oily Cart is a good one for examples on multi sensory theatre for young children and children with multiple disabilities, you can find some of their stuff on youtube! Maybe look at things that the unicorn theatre puts on on polka theatre too! Maybe we could do something with puppets and shadows and things! I am very excited!

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