Thursday, 12 March 2009

In order to make more head way on getting started making this story myself and the rest of the creatve team decided that we needed to find a stimulus to begin with, we need something that we can develop and play with. I find that just throwing in ideas doesn't work as we begin to get bogged down on wanting to do too many things, and we begin to get ahead of ourselves. Therefore we are going to research Egyption and Greek myths to find a story we really like and want to explore.

Also in our meeting today we talked a bit about culture. In going into the schools in the last two weeks I have noticed how diverse they are in culture, many children have English as their second language, thus children are from different cultures and countries. I want to perhaps address this in our story, can we find a way of celebrating difference and perhaps bring different cultures together in order to make a wider and more diverse community? I want the story to perhaps detail a confrontation and resolution to perhaps take a children to a dark place in order to bring them out of it. Also the ideas that the children have in the workshops are very interesting and I am excited about pulling out maybe characters and situations that arise in the workshop environment.

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