Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Story workshop

In the last community theatre meeting myself, Hardeep and Rosie led a workshop about story telling. We did sentence bu sentence storytelling around in a circle but this wasn't that successful as the story failed to make sense as everyone wanted to tell a story and not aid the creation in a collaborative sense. Therefore in the story that was created, nothing really happened that made a cohesive story. However in the last exercise we did creativity was much more interesting. We did helicopter story telling so everyone got to tell a story and got to act and chose their peers to be the other characters in the story. There were many stories that were very interesting and structurally very clear, therefore we could start looking at their stories and perhaps use them as a starting point for the final product. This activity would also be useful to take into a workshop setting in a school as we can begin to get a sense of the kinds of stories the children want to tell.

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