Saturday, 18 October 2008


Today we looked at how we tell stories, different techniques and how we could apply stories to a community based project.

We looked at telling autobiographical stories concerning 'going out'. I told Cara about a night out in a club in London where one of my friends was taking drugs and she in turn told me a story about how she went out when she was under age and couldn't get into any clubs. It was interesting how we told these stories, the gestures we use, the facial expressions. In honesty I wasn't keen on this exercises as I don't partucularly enjoy talking about myself but afterwards when we began looking at how we could take these stories and put them into workshop situations I began to think that our personal experiences can make a difference in somewhere you might not expect, even if you don't believe your story is 'good'.

As the story I told concerned issues about drugs we began thinking about how we could turn it into a play, using the issues within it to make a point and perhaps to workshop our ideas with a class of seniour school children.

I also began thinking about, although it may concern issues with privacy, but perhaps taking the autobiographical stories of the children themselves and creating a play from their ideas so that they could relate to the material even more.

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